Popular Courses in English Language Schools

English is currently the third most popular native language on the planet, only Spanish and Mandarin Chinese are more popular. According to recent numbers, more than 375 million people speak English as a first language.

But what is even more impressive than the native statistics is the fact that English is by far the most popular second language on earth, with more than 850 million students. That means that when people have a choice about which language they want to learn, they choose English, overwhelmingly.

In fact, it is estimated that nearly one in four people on Earth are currently studying, or have studied English as a foreign langue. While there are many ways to learn the most popular language on earth, language schools are considered one of the best.

As you might expect, English language school offer a wide variety of English language courses and programs to meet student needs. Depending upon your level of experience, you can easily find the program that is right for you online.

It is even possible to enroll in courses for executives and professionals that offer business English courses. Other popular courses include, English for marketing, sales, law enforcement, and accounting. There are also classes that will help you reduce your accent, if you feel it may impede your success in a chosen field.

Of course, the most popular English courses at language schools will simply help you learn the language without regard to your profession.

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