About Guided Walking Holidays

Are you an active, adventurous person? Is the thought of taking a cruise or a group trip and lounging around all day unappealing? Not to mention the nightly stampede to the free buffet?

Then perhaps you might prefer a walking holiday. As you may have guessed, a walking holiday is a group adventure where guests travel along well-known trails and see interesting and sometimes famous sites.

What to know? If you are not an experienced walker or hiker, there is no need to worry. Before the journey even begins, your guide will separate guests according to their experience and fitness levels. After all the guests have been divided, the average group includes about fifteen people who will be travelling together.

Although, if a guest determines that a particular path is too difficult, they can easily switch and join another group. Most Guided walking holidays include three different levels of walking activity easy, medium or challenging.

On the typical guided walking holiday, the guest will spend the day on some of the most interesting walks in the region and then will return to the same hotel each night. However, it is also possible to join a walking group that moves from hotel to hotel as they sample a variety of challenging terrains. These walking holidays are commonly called trail holidays and they are often a bit more challenging than classic or traditional walking holidays.

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